The Aesthetic Academy Team

Experience. Size. Talent.

For more than a decade, The Aesthetic Academy has brought together the universe of aesthetic medicine through the dedication of event and media professionals.

Our UBM team has world-class directors, managers, strategists, writers, marketers and artists. We offer you additional opportunities to impact your market in aesthetic medicine. 

Meet the people behind The Aesthetic Academy, The Aesthetic ChannelThe Aesthetic Guide and The Aesthetic Academy: enhanced, expanded and entering a new era of success.

Mindy Millat, Show Director has directed for more than seven years, responsible for organizing and overseeing The Aesthetic Show and The Aesthetic Academy from concept to completion. With over 15 years of experience in marketing and event management her experience has contributed to the success of our aesthetic events.
Eileen Baird, VP, Events is a veteran of B2B forums, with a strong emphasis on healthcare education. She is committed to quality, and leveraging UBM's aesthetic channels to deliver premier events in the market.
Erin Velardo, Senior Editor has overseen and coordinated the editorial activities of The Aesthetic Guide magazines for more than 12 years. She works on every aspect of the magazines from concept to completion, and has been instrumental in guiding our editorial mission.
Anjail Mitchell, Registration Manager and Customer Service Specialist manages on- and off-site event registration, plus builds and maintains attendee relationships for UBM's newly acquired events. Anjail is best known for her ability reach audiences via clever social media and telemarketing campaigns.
Nydia Houck, Account Executive has been part of The Aesthetic Show and The Aesthetic Academy for over four years. With a great passion of event management she has contributed to the success of each event with supporting the registration team and building relationships with exhibitors and sponsors.
Tracey Peden, Lead Marketer has a wealth of experience in event and publication marketing, and works to unite UBM's Aesthetic brands, connecting content between the events and publications.
Guy Nelson, Senior Graphic Designer has more than 20 years of experience in design, including directing design for The Aesthetic Show, The Aesthetic Academy, The Aesthetic GuideThe European Aesthetic Guide and The Asian Aesthetic Guide.
Leo Avila, Group Publisher has 20 years of B2B publishing and sales management experience having worked in different healthcare specialties. He has launched several UBM properties in addition to partnering with clients on integrated, custom solutions within the device, equipment and pharma sectors.
Amy Ammon, Publisher has worked on Dermatology Timessince 2007 and now has responsibility for The Aesthetic Channel, and The Aesthetic Guide magazines. Amy has a deep knowledge and understanding of the skincare space and works closely with UBM clients to create and deliver successful custom campaigns.
Heather Onorati, Editorial Director has been involved in the development and delivery of print and digital content for the dermatology and aesthetics markets for nearly 20 years. She directed UBM's launch of The Aesthetic Channel website and oversees content direction for all aesthetic publications.
Eliza Cabana, Editor for The Aesthetic Channel has worked in the cosmetic surgery, health and beauty industries for more than 15 years. She's an award-winning writer with a passion for beauty and anti-aging.